Forex Resources

The forex resources page is designed to be a collection of information that every beginning forex trader should get familiar with, as well as a quick and easy reference for the experienced forex broker or trader when in need of a quick refresher or a handy link to sites that publish relevant information to FX trading.

As a forex broker and forex trading platform, VertiFX has an interest in all of our forex traders being knowledgeable and successful in the world of FX trading.

While these are just very basic resources, it’s important to get familiar with all the forex resources addressed in this section in order to make the most intelligent and informed FX trading decisions possible.

What is Forex?

Browse our forex basics page for a list of common terms associated with forex trading. Find out the meanings of common terms you’ll hear a forex broker or trader use throughout their trading day. We recommend getting familiar with the forex basics page to all new live account holders and those operating demo accounts as well.

It’s also helpful to visit our “What is Forex?” page to get a brief introduction to things like forex trading concepts and how forex trading differs from other financial markets. Find out just what is forex and how it operates differently than the regular stock market.

Forex Strategy

While you won’t find any insider tips that will rocket your FX trading success, it’s helpful to build your forex strategy by knowing basic information about the industry. We’ve included forex bank information in our forex resources to help give you a launch pad for learning the industry basics so you can better develop your own forex strategy as you work with your forex broker. Find out more about the FED and other central banks and how they might affect your decisions with a forex broker.

Economic Indicators

Economic indicators play a large roll in any trader’s forex strategy. Common economic indicators represent the bulk of our forex resource pages and can help you answer the “what is forex” question as you begin to develop a forex strategy when you start experimenting with a forex trading platform. Read up on common economic indicators like the Beige Book or Consumer Price Index and see how they can affect FX trading projections.