An intro to logging into your MT4 client terminal for the first time. Learn to install your Metatrader 4 forex trading platform on your computer and set up your password and user info.
Learn to navigate and manage the four main windows in your Metatrader forex trading platform client. An introduction to the functions of the Marketwatch, Navigator, Terminal and Chart Pane windows.
Learn the three simple ways to create an FX trading market order or pending market order within your Metatrader client. An introduction to initiating trades within your Metaclient windows.
Introduction to account and trade management details. This introduces the trade tab and how you can use it to check your balance and forex trading details in real time.
Learn how to add indicators and expert advisers from your forex trading platform navigator window. An introduction to the steps involved in adding custom scripts, FX trading indicators and advisers by simply dragging and dropping.