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We offer several ways for you to get your account funded. There are no fees for making a deposit and you are free to withdraw your funds at any time.

Clicking on any of the funding option logos below and it will bring up details about how to fund using your selected option.

Min. Deposit : $100
Max. Deposit : $10,000 USD
Fee : $0
Deposit Time : 1-2 business day
Restrictions : USD only
Deposit Now
Min. Deposit : $100
Max. Deposit : $25,000 USD
Fee : $0
Deposit Time : 1 business day
Restrictions : USD only
Deposit Now
Min. Deposit : $100
Max. Deposit : $25,000 USD
Fee : $0
Deposit Time : 1 business day
Restrictions : USD only
Deposit Funds

Attention: Credit Card Deposit & Withdrawal Terms of Condition:

  • is assuming certain risks by agreeing to accept credit card deposits, accordingly, we may take certain actions to mitigate our risk, including checking the authenticity of the transaction, requesting supporting documents, in some cases even verifying the client by Skype to compare the identity with submitted documentation, terminating the account and placing a hold on money for up to 180 days based on the risk factors and level of investigation.
  • is offering the best rates and trading solutions in the industry and therefore we have to take every measure possible to protect the integrity of our clients and comply with international AML laws.
  • According to identity theft and credit card fraud prevention policy it takes 90 to 180 days to report and clear the fraudulent credit card transaction, therefore clients that are funding their LIVE account with Credit Card cannot withdraw funds for 3 months, and at the time of withdrawal their request will be handled by special fraud prevention unit, which might require additional proof before releasing the funds.
  • The same conditions do not apply to those who choose to fund their LIVE accounts via bank wire. The bank wired funds will be checked for authenticity as well by our fraud prevention department, therefore it very important to provide appropriate supporting documentation requested by our company.
  • All redemption request will be returned the way the funds were received.
  • VertiForex does not accept 3rd party deposits.
  • You are free to withdraw any funds you deposit, at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.
  • VertiForex does not assume responsibility for funds that are sent via the mail, nor will they consider funds available for trading until they have been deposited, cleared and credited to the customer's account.
  • If you are having trouble with a deposit, please call us at (877) 978-3784 and a representative will be happy to help you.
  • To transfer funds to your VertiForex account visit our Transfer Funds page.
  • Withdraw Funds by Bank Wire - $50 charge per wire.
  • Takes up to 72 hours to process Funds Withdrawal.
  • Download Funds Withdrawal Request Form.
  • NOTE: An individual who is part of a joint account may deposit funds into that account. However, the funds from the joint account, regardless of whom they were deposited by or which means were used to fund the account, must be returned to the joint account holders in both names and not individually. All customers funding accounts from a pay pal account may not change the name in their pay pal account. The name on the pay pal account must match the name on the customer account.

*Customer's may submit their redemption requests 24/7. Please note our accounting department is available from 9 a.m. ET to 5 p.m. PST Monday - Friday.

Funding Your Account FAQ

  • Will you close my account if it has a zero balance?

    No, we will not close your account if it has a zero balance. You can have a functioning live account with a zero account balance.

  • Do I have to deposit funds from the bank account I specified in the account application form?

    Yes. However, if you change your bank account number and notify our Client Services Team you will be able to fund from another account opened in your name.

  • Is there a fee for withdrawing funds?

    No, does not charge a fee for withdrawing your funds. However, we will relay the costs we pay our bank onto our clients. Bank fee for a withdrawal made by wire transfer is $50. Withdrawal by check is free.

  • I want to use more than one bank account for transfers to/from my trading account, is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. To change your bank account details, please e-mail a copy of your bank statement to our Client Services Team.

  • I have several trading accounts, is it possible to transfer funds between them? Do you charge any commission for this service?

    It is possible to transfer funds between accounts registered in the same name. In order to transfer funds, you would need to complete a transfer form sign and send it to us via email or fax. We do not charge any commission for this service and if any currency conversion is required we will use a current spot rate.

  • What is the minimum initial deposit to open a Live account?
  • Standard Account Start $1000
  • Silver Account start $5000 + 10% bonus
  • Gold Account start $10,000  + 12.5% bonus
  • VIP Account start $20,000 + 15% bonus
  • Diamond Account start $50,000 +20% bonus

  • What is bonus and how can bonus be used?
    Bonus is given on Silver and above account up to 20% and it is only for trading purposes.  You can use bonus as real money to trade and generate profits, you can withdraw generated profits from your account as well, however if you decide to withdraw your money and close the account the bonus amount will be deducted from total balance.  However, if you account has been completely depleted due a loss the bonus is forgiven.